Can I Join Ezoic Without AdSense? [SOLVED]

Steps For Joining Ezoic Access Program With No Google AdSense Account

How To Join Ezoic Without AdSense Account

  1. Make sure your website is valuable to your readers and advertisers
  2. To join Ezoic without AdSense, click here to register.
  3. After that, click on the “Start Free Trial” button.
  4. You will be taken to the Ezoic registration page.
  5. At this point, enter your details.
  6. To join Ezoic without an approved AdSense account, make sure the details provided are accurate.
  7. In the first box, enter the email address you would want to use to join Ezoic.
  8. The next thing to do is confirm the email address in the second box.
  9. This is very important: Make sure the details you have provided are correct.
  10. You will need to use this email address to access your Ezoic account once you join and your account is approved.
  11. You will be taken to another page after clicking on the continue button.
  12. Next, enter the website domain URL you want to use to register for the monetization program.
  13. Please note that you do not need to get approval with Google AdSense for the website you want to join Ezoic with.
  14. Even without an active AdSense account, you can easily register for the Ezoic account.
  15. After that, read the Ezoic terms of service.
  16. Next, click on the continue button.
  17. Select the Ezoic program you want to join.
  18. The options available when joining Ezoic are Ad Revenue, Site Speed, and Analytics.
  19. Please select all and click on the continue button.
  20. Finally, click on the Get Started button to join the Ezoic Access Now program.
Join Ezoic Without AdSense

Why Can You Register For Ezoic Without An AdSense Account And Get Approved

You Do Not Need AdSense To Get Approval




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Here is the list of our websites: and

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